Our Core Offerings

Working with engineering experts and latest technologies, we create brilliant and 

scalable software that accelerates business and delights customers.

Remittance Solutions

We are one of the world’s largest remittance networks facilitating comprehensive, scalable, safe and profitable local and international money transfer system which can be integrated with any remittance provider from around the world and caters to both individuals as well as corporate enterprises of any sizes.

Payment Gateway

We facilitate merchants to make offline and online payments by integrating simple, secure and easy to use Payment Gateway System via a multitude of payment methods- kiosks, banking channels, debit and credit cards.

Currency Exchange

We deliver software built specifically to meet the modern requirements of money changing businesses which automates every aspect of money service. We develop secure and convenient platform for currency exchange with the most competitive rates.

OCR Mobile Application

We expertise in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) products which digitize any government issued identity cards. We build mobile applications that provides an amazing user experience in capturing customer documents including personal and SIM card registration into text using OCR.

EPR Management Dashboard

Our Management Dashboard solution turns large amount of data into an Enterprise Resource Management System offering insights into the performance, outlook and interconnectivity of all business processes integrating all facets of operations and enabling key stakeholders to get a clear picture of the entire business and make better and more informed decisions.


Our Electronic KYC service lets businesses know their customers rightly and completely, verify their identities performing customer due diligence, and understand their financial dealings which eases the customer’s onboarding process and minimizes any potential customer-based risk.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development service is facilitated by two dedicated Innovation Labs which are fueled by AI and ML technologies to steer the next generation IT evolution by testing, prototyping and scaling breakthrough agile solutions. Our always on learning schema drives continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills and expertise in order to deliver unprecedented level of performance and customer delight.


Our E-Coupon solution is designed to satiate the modern-day shopping experience by letting customers find and redeem deals from their favorite stores and restaurants all over the world both in- store and online and enjoy all the hot deals right at their fingertips anytime.